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Pharmac India , 5th  – 7th September 2013, Hitex Exhibition Complex, Hyderabad, India.
CPhi India , 3rd – 5th December 2013, Bombay Exhibiton Center, Goregaon, Mumbai, India.
March 20-22, 2013
Jakarta International Expo

Exhibition, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India
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Tray Dryers
Tray Dryer is conventional drying equipment effective for drying wet powders, sticky/ non sticky powder suitable for further processing into API Processing Powder. Other uses include tablet drying and curing. These Tray Dryers are of high quality and efficiency, in compliance with cGMP norms, built in stainless steel construction of 316/ 316L grade contact parts. The non contact parts / external surfaces of the Dryers are manufactured from stainless steel of 304 grade l This Tray Dryer find application for drying powders, granular crystalline, coarse or similar material in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, dyes, food and allied products. The Dryers are available in a range of sizes from 12 Trays to 192 Trays per batch capacity & can be customized to suit production requirements to accommodate multiple Trolleys till 12 trolleys to match individual requirements. Each Trolley can accommodate 48 Trays
Special Characteristics of our Tray Dryer:
In Compliance with cGMP Norms/ guidelines.
Aseptic, hygienic system designs
In Compliance with FDA regulations.
Rounded Internals / corners and angles of Dryer
Rounded Internals / corners of Rectangular Tray as per cGMP Norms having no dead end
Even temperature distribution within dryer internals
All product process area of the equipment is in AISI 316/ 316L stainless steel, mirror polish.
Pre air filtration module having 20 micron filters and secondary by 5 micron.
Excess Pressure control through Dampers to adjust air flow pressure
Heating options available are electrical/Steam/Thermic Fluid/LPG gas fired hot air heating system,
Microprocessor based control panels
Kilolab Model to Production Models
Validation documents provided like DQ, IQ/OQ, FAT/ SAT
Optional Features of our Tray Dryer:
HEPA (0.3 micron)/Absolute inlet air filter system.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based air flow for efficient & accurate speed Control
PLC based automation of process batch control, with printable option
Certified Flameproof Control/ Operating Panel & Flameproof Motor for inflammable /solvent etc.
CIP/ SIP System can be provided
Air filter assembly along with Heating system & Blower Unit can be mounted in remote area
Kilolab Model : 4 Trays, 6 Trays & 12 Trays Capacity per Dryer
Production Model : 24 Trays, 48 Trays, 96 Trays, 192 Trays
  & Multiple of 48 Trays/ 1 Trolley
  (Note Each Trolley Has capacity of 48 Trays)
Trays : Tray Size 406mm x 812mm x 32mm 
  Each Tray Volume is 10 Liters
 MODEL  SS-6  SS-12  SS-24  SS-48  SS-96  SS-192
Capacity in trays 6 12 24 48 96 192
No.of Motors / (H.P.) 1/ 0.5 HP 1/ 0.5 HP 1/ 1 HP 1/ 1 HP 2/ 2 HP 4/ 4 HP
No. of Doors 1 1 1 1 2 2
No. of Trolleys Nil Nil Nil 1 2 4
Heating load (KW)            
100oC 1.5 3 6 9 18 36
200oC 4.5 6 9 15 24 42
150oC 3 4.5 7.5 12 21 39
250oC 6 7.5 10.5 18 27 45
300oC 7.5 9 12 21 30 48

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