Pharma Peeler Type Centrifuge

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Pharma Peeler Type Centrifuge

We offer Pharmaceutical Peeler Centrifuges that are developed for the specific strict requirements of clean room applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharma Peeler Centrifuge has a horizontal rotating basket & the machine can be separated in two zones product area & utility area through the wall design advantage. Our pharmaceutical Peeler Centrifuge stands out for its distinctive features


  • Fully opening of Outer case gives complete access to the entire processing area which allows for ease of inspection, cleaning and validation.
  • High grade surface finish for all product wetted parts.
  • Clean room installation possible with separation of the processing area from the service area which is achieved with a through the wall design.
  • Inclined chute to facilitate cake discharge which is easily accessed for cleaning and validation.
  • Feeding of the slurry across the entire length of the basket ensures uniform cake thickness.
  • Low residual moisture achieved by high centrifugal force.
  • Residual heel removal systems for solids recovery.
  • Gas tight ready to receive an inerting system.
  • Speed variation and braking achieved by VFD system.
  • Control systems from completely manual to semi/ fully automatic with a local operator interface and the possibility of plant networking
  • Complete CIP (Clean in Place) system


  • Anti stick coatings on discharge chute for ease of cake flow
  • Cake monitoring system
  • Excess Vibration monitoring system
  • Complete automation using PLC based system


  • All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts / vapor parts in 304/ 316 / 316L built to Custom requirement.
  • All Process contact surfaces finished with corrosion-resistant fluro-polymer coatings / Lining such as Halar (ECTEE), Teflon (PFA)


Basket dia. (mm) 630 630 800 1000
Basket Ht. (mm) 160 320 400 500
Basket Speed (rpm) 2400 2400 1900 1500
Max permissible load on Basket (Kg) 10 15 25 40
Motor (HP) 20 40 80 170
Vol. underlip (Ltrs.) 2000 2000 1600 1250
Centrifugal Force (G) 2300 2500 4400 7500